Prayer Altar

Building a prayer altar is foundational in our pursuit of God’s Presence. It is the starting place, the consistent place, the fueling place where we meet with God and create an environment for Him to come.

This needs to happen personally, first. We then establish similar altars in our homes as families and in our churches. 

It’s from this place of personal encounter that we have the anointing and authority to counter the darkness in our communities and create a place for God to come and dwell

Yishun Evangelical Church was pioneered by Pastor Joseph Jabemany & Pastor Pramarani Joseph in 1991. It started out as a house church in Yishun, Singapore. We shared the gospel with our relatives and friends. Many of them got saved and were added to the church. We have a burden to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Indian community in Singapore and worldwide. We are actively involved in mission work in Malaysia and South India.