Children's Ministry

"Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven, that one of these little ones should be lost and perish." Matthew 18:14 Sunday School is held in our church premises. We have two classes, mainly the nursery and the junior class. Each week, a Bible lesson is taught and the children are given an activity sheet to further help them understand and apply the lesson taught. The kids are also trained to memorize and recite scripture portions every week. Tokens are also given to each child, and they will be able to exchange them for gifts at the end of every month. Our Sunday School kids are also trained to give to the Lord. Thanksgiving and Mission offerings are collected at the end of each lesson, and this encourages the children to give sacrificially from their pocket money/ allowance. We pray that our children will grow in love for Him as they grow in love with His Word.

Yishun Evangelical Church was pioneered by Pastor Joseph Jabemany & Pastor Pramarani Joseph in 1991. It started out as a house church in Yishun, Singapore. We shared the gospel with our relatives and friends. Many of them got saved and were added to the church. We have a burden to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Indian community in Singapore and worldwide. We are actively involved in mission work in Malaysia and South India.